Sunday, May 29, 2011

Okay.. NOW for some updates!

Hi everyone!  Sorry for saying I would post more and not doing as much as planned!  As you may have gathered from my other posts I have been visiting my fiance and his family the past two weeks and just got back to my state Friday.  I spent my time filling out job applications, doing a few interviews (where most places told me to come back and tell them when I am REALLY moved out there) went for walks, built waterfalls in the creek, and had a lot of fun with my love and his family.

My fiance's mom, who is the owner of the Ravenwood Whimzies blog was super sweet and put on a bridal shower for me too!  I was overwhelmed by everyone's kindness and generosity!  I have a lot of lovely things for our kitchen now for when we get married and a vacuum from my mom too!  (though she couldn't be there because she, like me, lives several states away).  While we were partying Drew and his dad and brother went golfing and got burnt by the sun.  For a silly picture of me (and also Drew) in my Bridal Shower Hat check out Ravenwood Whimzies.

Our Goodie Table
The Lovely Yummy cake she made!

The last day was cool and slightly annoying at the same time.  Drew and I got to go storm chasing--not for tornadoes (partially because not only were the warnings for those a bit farther off, but also because it was getting dark which is unsafe) but we got to see some SWEET lightning!  The annoyance came because the one store that seemed most likely to give me a job called me back to come in for a drug test.. Last minute.  It was an hour before the store closed and suddenly we got a lot of severe weather and couldn't make it.  I was bummed because in my mind drug test means they are more serious about possibly hiring you, but God knows what He is doing.  If you can though, pray please that I will be allowed to drug-test in my State so I can get a job? Thank you!

Stormy Skies

Friday when I came back mom took me out to eat a nice lunch and later in the evening I was able to put together the party favors for guests for our wedding that came in the mail while I was away.

Only 34 more days to go till I am a married lady!  God has blessed me so much! :D  Have a blessed day!

I miss him already!