Monday, October 8, 2012

Family Time Monday!

As promised I am posting again today!  I've been searching around for my digital camera so I could add photos with my post but alas our little House Gnome who steals things must have found it while we were visiting the in-laws because it's nowhere to be seen!  While I'm sitting here typing to you little Fox I think is sitting comfy--I can feel a nice little bump in part of my stomach where his little bum must be!  

As promised I'm going to now tell you our kitties' names!  I wish I could have found the camera--they've just been so cute!  Our handsome sleek black male kitty we have named Nova.  How we came to that idea is somewhat funny--there is a Christian family radio drama my husband got hooked on and at one point something called Novacom was a big part of the plot line.  We were talking about that and then started to move on to Novas and Space.  We had other names for him but I told Mr. Fox he had to pick the name and in the end Nova was the one he liked best so that was it! 

The girl kitty I picked the name for.  I wanted something Elvish as I'm a big Lord of the Rings fan (both of us are) and I had thought a kitty named Tinuviel (pronounced Tin-ooo-v-el) would be lots of fun.  It's a lesser known name from Tolkien's book The Silmarillion which is about the history of Middle-Earth, where LOTR takes place.  Tinuviel was the name of the first elf maiden to fall in love with a mortal man  The name might be a tad hard to pronounce at first but it gets easier and really fits her.  She's my love bug kitty. 

An Artist's rendition of Tinuviel the Elvish princess
So this weekend we went over to my in-laws' house to have fun family time!  We took our doggie Strider and now he's lying here on the floor all konked out.  The weekend was a lot of fun and our dog thought so too.  Before we got him another dog he lived with used to attack our dog occasionally so I don't think he really learned how to play with other dogs.  We've had him since March and he's finally starting to come out of his and get down and really play with other dogs!  He had some fun times with my MIL's dog Jack and my brother and sister-in -law's dog, Moose!  Meanwhile the rest of us people played mini golf on the Wii, ate good food, played a ridiculous board game called Quelf for 3 or 4 hours, went on a walk and talked.  It was relaxing and fun.  I worked on some art while we hung out as well. 

Another piece of art I worked on was sketching ideas for Little Fox's blankie!  Here's an idea I came  up with--though placement of the objects may change.  And... we may need to simplify a little depending on whether or not my MIL thinks we can realistically make this from scratch or not.  I hope we can do something at least similar!  Let me know what you think!
Until next time my friends--blessings from the Most High on you all! :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Busy day more coming Monday!

Whew it's been a busy day today!  So much so that my original plan to make a FULL post today will have to be moved to Monday!  I'll give  a very brief rundown for the now though:  our kitties both have names now!   I'll tell you Monday what they are!  They are doing super well and now come all around the house and aren't too afraid of our dog (usually they just ignore him) and their personalities have begun to shine through more too!  Our girl is playful and inquisitive and I often wake up with her laying on top of my now bigger stomach purring like crazy!  Our boy is a bit more shy and nervous but very lovey--he loves being petted and I've found he'll kind of reach up for my hands with his paws when he wants pets!  So far it appears all our animals get along well but I'm keeping Pipkin the bunny away from the kitties for the most part.  I want to introduce them slowly though so they realize Pipkin isn't a walking lunch if he does get time to run around!

I just joined my Mother-in-Law's swap and am having a blast with it so far!  Right now I'm working on something special that is my own pattern and idea! I'd show you an in-progress picture if I could but that will have to wait till my partner, Kendra from The Stone House Primitives gets it first!

I'm hoping to start sketching a design for little Fox's blanket this weekend--if I do I'll post a little sketch pic on Monday!  I'm pretty excited to do this with my MIL--it will be a fun project together I am hoping :)  I want to make a nice bumper for his crib too!  Yesterday I also got a backpack-style carrier for little Fox too from someone on Craigslist brand new!  It was a nice midnight colored organic cotton Ergo carrier that they had gotten new at their baby shower (but already had a few) and so they sold it to me for $70! It's still a lot but usually brand new it costs somewhere between $118-$140 for one of those so it was a good deal.  It was an investment because I'm learning the advantages of baby wearing and it's something my husband thinks he may be willing to wear so we can go hiking with little Fox, etc and I don't really think he really saw himself wearing the wrap I had gotten from someone!  It also will fit little Fox till he's about 45 pounds and I hear they last so seemed like a useful thing to have and I wouldn't have had the heart to ask anyone to get me something so pricy like that!

We also went to the local Pumpkin fest today (my husband, MIL and me) and it was cold but fun.  Had some hot cider and a cinnamon doughnut!

That's all for now but I hope to do a bigger update with some photos Monday!  Have a blessed weekend!