Saturday, November 9, 2013

It's November ALREADY?!

Happy Saturday everyone!  I just wanted to take a bit of time to say some of the going-ons we've been having around here.  I can't believe it's been over a month since I've last posted but here we go again.  I tend to get a bit daunted about blogging for whatever reason the longer it is between posts.  I know it sounds silly but it's the case!

Lets see... where to start?  Well Little Fox has been growing so fast!  He started to crawl once he hit 9 months and now he is 10 months already!  He also has six teeth.  I can't believe he'll be a year next month!  Haha I wouldn't be surprised if I end up shedding a tear or two when he has his birthday.  Little Fox loves playing around and animals especially dogs.  He loves to cuddle too.  I am so blessed he is my son! :) 
Peter going after a drill while Strider looks out the window.
This last weekend my Golden Retriever, Strider, also passed an exam so he can become a therapy dog with Cornell Companions!  I'm awaiting more information, but we'll be visiting one of the local nursing homes twice a month and possibly help out with other things too.  Our local librarian wants to start a Paws For Reading program too and if we are able, Strider will be doing that!  It's a program where Strider will go to the library and help kids learn to love to read. 
"I'm gonna be a THERAPY DOG!!"
I've been crafting a great deal as usual too.  Making bears, designing ornies, drawing people's pets.  I often wish there were more hours to a day so I can get more done.  But I am happy with what does get finished in the end.  Here are some of my projects! 
Heirloom Bears
Oreo Pigs-my own pattern!!
For Halloween this year, Mr. Fox, Little Fox and I were the three bears!  We dressed up Strider in a home-made skirt and put a bow in his ear so he could be Golden-Locks.  Yes I know it's normally Goldie, but he is a Golden haha.  It was a great deal of fun. 

Think this is all I'll say for tonight--I have one ornie I really want to finish and Petie is asking for food!  Have a good night everyone!