Thursday, April 24, 2014

Life at Cricket Hollow

Ah, Cricket Hollow.  That is the name Mr. Fox and I have given to our house quite a while ago.  Much has been happening lately and I thought I'd share a bit about it!

Spring has finally sprung around here and I'm so grateful.  It is SO nice to see green and flowers again and to be able to go outside and feel comfortable! :)

Peter looking dapper and his cousin Allie looking pretty in their Easter attire!
Last Sunday as you know was Easter and we went over to my in-law's house to celebrate family style.  It was a beautiful day!  Sunny and warm and Little Fox got to wear his new suit Grandmummy got for him.  I hated taking it off but after photos needed to so it'd stay clean.  My son has been walking--or rather RUNNING for about 2 months now and I knew his nice clothes wouldn't look good for long otherwise!  We got to take a nice 3 mile walk in the sun.  I brought a orange creamsicle cheesecake I found on Pinterest last year that was a hit then, and I think, again.  I know Mr. Fox LOVES it!

Meet one of the Dinners!
I have raised my first batch of chickens this year!  This picture was taken a few weeks ago.  I really wanted to give this chicken raising thing a go.  Earlier this spring some friends were considering raising some Cornish Rock chickens (meat birds) and I wanted to go in on them with it.  I've wondered for a while now what it'd be like to raise more of our own food.  Unfortunately they were unable to do so in the end, but hubby let me give this a go.  I've really enjoyed this and hope to be able to do this again next year!  Last week I butchered 3 of my 7 chickens, and I will be doing a few more this weekend, possibly the last the weekend after that depending on food supplies.  I'd love to raise some chickens for eggs someday but right now we just don't have the money to feed chickens year round.  Maybe someday!  I think a Silkie named Yeti would be awesome.

Mr. Fox and I have been working on preliminary plans for a new business,  Ye Olde Goat Cart.  We are making high-quality natural soap from scratch, lip balms, and hopefully eventually lotions as well.  The soaps have had rave reviews so far from our testing audience!  We're working on having the lip balm tested.  I am enjoying how it's feeling thusfar and my son's speech therapist, who said previously only Burts Bees worked for her lips really loved it too!  I'm working currently on designing a logo.  We're getting close!

And some BIG news I was rather slow to share about is: Little Fox is going to be a BIG BROTHER!  Here is how we surprised family.  Ultrasound at 8 weeks.. I sewed the bandana bib for him.

And another ultrasound at 16 weeks!  It's amazing what they can see now a days!  We find out the gender May 8th! :)  (though I *might* happen to have a good idea based on the ultrasound I had this day.)  I had a bit of a scare around St. Patrick's day that has thankfully resolved.  I started bleeding out of the blue and was terrified I was going to have another miscarriage.  After hours in the ER, we found out all is well it's just a common issue that tends to happen.  I was SO GRATEFUL TO GOD! 

Well that's all for now, have a great week! :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

A Very Special Pinkeep Swap

Happy Friday!  Today I want to share with you all a very special swap package I received!  I feel really bad that it has taken me so long to post this--lately I have had a hard time getting a chance to just sit and write.  My sweet swap partner is Theresa from Dulaney Woods Treasures!  Please check her out, she does amazing work!  My mother in law, Wendy from Ravenwood Whimzies put on the pinkeep swap.  She has these twice yearly. 

Here's the sweet swap set up outside on our hottub cover.  Photos loo so much better in the sun!
Theresa spoiled me with so many amazing things!  She sent the most adorable pinkeep that has been cross-stiched, oh how I love it so!
So detailed!
Strawberry bowl-fillers!
She made these amazing strawberry bowl fillers too from felt with stick stems!  So nice to have a reminder of the warmer weather sitting in my house!

Outside of the stitching book complete with my initials!
Inside of the stitching book--I love it!
Theresa also send this little stitching book!  It's got a cross stitch front including my initials--how very thoughtful!  The inside excited me just as much--it is made from a beautiful fabric, has a pinkeep spot, a few antique bone buttons and a pair of embroidery scissors!  I've actually been needing a pair haha so I was so delighted to find some inside!  THANK YOU THERESA!

Keepsake book cover
Look at the cool bags to hold things inside!
She also made me a special keepsake book.  Now, I have never seen anything like this before and it's absolutely ingenious!  There are little paper bag pages inside so I can write or put pictures on the page and keep little special things inside!  How neat! 

So cute!  For my son Peter!
Theresa also sent my son Peter a little gift.  It's this ADORABLE bunny!  I'll have to post a picture of him cuddling with it soon :)  Now my Peter Rabbit has a bunny of his own!

She also sent some chocolates a card and a nice pattern.  Everything was made with such love and care.  I love it all so much!  Thank you again Theresa!  It's been fun making a new friend through this swap! :)

Have a good Friday everyone!