Friday, August 24, 2012


Hello friends!  My last post had some news but not all the news I had wanted to share.  There has been so much happening the past few months!  Something I now want to share is very near and dear to my heart.  As some of you remember, I had a miscarriage back last October.  I'm not going to lie it was very difficult but God got us through.  When I miscarried they found a polyp and I got that removed back in January.  They said there was a chance I'd miscarry again if I got pregnant with the polyp if the baby managed to implant on that.  About a week after Easter, I found out I was pregnant again!  I was ecstatic and nervous at the same time.  I feared another miscarriage--I couldn't imagine going through that again.  God's been taking care of our little baby though and now, next week I'll be FIVE months pregnant!  We just found out August 15 (the feast of the Assumption) that our little baby is going to be a BOY!  So my mother-in-law at Ravenwood Whimzies is going to be a grandma :)  I want to take a moment now and share some pictures. 

Our little Minion at 8 weeks!
Baby Minion and I at 18 weeks
Can't believe how good ultrasounds have gotten!  Here he is in 4-D.  You can see his little arms grabbing his head!
Now that we know what our baby is and now that I will hopefully have a tiny bit more "free time" since we aren't getting ready for big 4th of July parties (end of June) going on vacation or getting ready for a craft show (August) I hope to blog a bit more about the happenings around here and hopefully craft a bit more to get ready for him!  I want to make him a blanket at least and maybe make a bumper for his crib. 

That's all for now--GOD IS SO GOOD! :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Happenings!

Hi everyone! As usual life has gotten the best of me as far as updating goes.  My oh my does a lot happen in a day--certainly in a few months!  Most of my days are similar, my friends, with all their comings and goings (but the comings and goings is usually me to work and back again).  After work it's making (or heating leftovers) for dinner and lately it's been doing crafting after that if something else isn't vying for my attention.  There HAVE been a few noteworthy things though that I want to share!

First of all remember back in September we had to bring our adopted dog back to the SPCA due to Springer Rage?  Well I'd waited and waited to get another dog and in March we finally were able to start looking again!  This time I wanted to go for a Golden Retriever as they are good with just about anyone and are very trainable.  As a breed they tend to be friendly with no aggression issues so it seemed a good way to go.  We applied to the local Golden rescue but were told they had kind of a long waiting list.  I didn't want to wait forever to get another dog so I posted a "wanted ad" on craigslist.  Within a short period of time someone contacted me and we got our new DOG! :D
Strider the Second
We called him Strider the Second because two weeks wasn't long enough with one Strider and he just--he just is.  He's a 2 year old Golden and when we got him he had a lot of fleas (from living in the country) and an infection in his front legs.  We got him fixed and got the treatment to clear up his leg problem.  I'm noticing he might have a food allergy possibly now too (he always is getting rashes, etc) so we are trying him on a grain free diet now.  He's always so friendly and happy! He was the dog we were praying for.

This month Aug 18-19th I'll be doing my own booth at the Celtic Fest that we are having locally.  My mother-in-law at Ravenwood Whimzies plans to contribute a few items to sell too.  I've been working madly trying to create things to sell!  I've also gotten an air compressor finally so I can learn to use my airbrush I got over a year ago.  I'm hoping to do t-shirts!  The picture above is some practice.  I have a long way to go (but hopefully will be ready to do some things by then).  Controlling the tool is unusual! 
Baby Burp Cloths I'm sewing.

I have more news too but that's all I'm sharing tonight--I'm running out of time and need to get to bed due to work early tomorrow but I hope to post again soon!  Blessings to you all!