Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our finished bucket!

So you might have been wondering what we were going to do with the bucket I got?  My fiance and I painted the galvanized bucket with almond colored paint for starters.  Then he used cotton balls to "sponge" the sky and ground on and then I came in and finished it off!  We both love foxes so I HAD to add one of those!  I also added a butterfly, dragon fly, several cute fat bees and flowers!  This was so much fun--it was done in enamel almond colored paint for the base color and then acrylics for metal for the colors I got on sale at Jo-Ann's.  We plan to put a little plant in this once some holes get punched into the bottom! 

I have an honest question: Do you think this sort of thing would sell if I made some more?

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