Friday, March 8, 2013

Amazing Pin-keep Swap!

Happy Friday everyone!  I had wanted to post this post yesterday as a 'Thankful Thursday' post however I got rather side-tracked during the day and before I knew it Thursday as over.  Today's post is a bit of an overdue THANK YOU to Christina at Pendleton Primitives for her half of the pinkeep swap that my mother-in-law from Ravenwood Whimzies put on.

I was very excited when the package came in the mail back in February!  When I opened it up I got several amazing goodies!

There is an Annie Stump Doll, an Ornie for my son, the ADORABLE Fox Pin-keep and some cinnamon and heart bowl fillers!
See?  Isn't it amazing?  Everything smelled so amazing to boot! :D
I LOVE my pin-keep!  So personal!
I love how Christina did my pinkeep in the super cute Bob's Box!  The stitchery of the fox is adorable and very suited to my tastes!
Here's a more close-up pic of the sheep ornie. I love it!
The Annie Homestead Stump Doll--smells so delicious!
Thank you so much Christina!  I love it all!  For my half I made her a cute Ellie the Elephant pinkeep from a Cheswick Company pattern.  I thought it looked too much fun to make and I later find out Christina actually loves circus stuff! 

I made the tomato one for Christina and then my husband was disappointed when he heard I was going to be giving it away haha!  So I surprised him and made the one on the ball for Valentine's day.  I wanted hearts on it for the Valentine's day aspect but put stars on it as well so it will look good up all year.  These are super fun to make!

Thank you again for the swap Christina it was a lot of fun to do! :)