Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Little Bit of This a Little Bit of That

Thought I would share a pic of Peter and his cousin Allison a day after she was born at the hospital
Good evening friends!  Thought I'd try my hand at another post, partially because I feel there is still so much news I haven't shared and also to motivate me to continue posting!  As I sit here blogging the room I'm in has the lights out as I'm trying to get little Fox to fall asleep.  He is in his swing right now making a bit of noise but I can tell he is tired.  No, we don't have a set bed-time for him here yet.  For the first several months he would sleep when he was tired no trouble lights on or off.  Things are changing a little I'm noticing the last couple weeks and he's getting tired around 8:30ish-9 but he likes to eat/be held instead of just put down.  I'm sure eventually we'll need to do more of a "time for bed" routine but so far it's not quite the case as often we are out and about so a routine then wouldn't be the most helpful either. 

As I mentioned previously, much has happened and one of the things was a little over a month ago my first niece was born.  She is so cute and very tiny compared to Little Fox!  Little Fox was almost 3 months old when she was born.  Time flies though and yesterday I took him in for his 4 month appointment!  Can't believe we have had him 4 months already!  It was a year ago I found out I was pregnant with him--excited but nervous I would miscarry again.  Feels like just yesterday.  His doctor appointment went well--he weighed in at 15.3 pounds!  Big little guy!  I love him so :)

Today my MIL and I went to church then hung out back at my place.  We chatted and talked about quilts and she showed me how to properly cut a boarder for Little Fox's blanket I am sewing him.  It will be so much fun to finally complete (I hope very soon!)  Starting projects is my weakness/strength but finishing them can be more difficult for me! 

Among other news I also am taking my dog to a Beginners I obedience class and have been doing commissions to pay for the class.  As a finale for the night I'll share some of the pieces I've been doing.  I have a few more to go after these as well!






Zoey, Kodiak, and Behr

Celeste and Lacy


Think that's all for tonight.  Hoping to get a lot more stuff done tomorrow (especially practice Strider's training before class!) 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone!  Thought I would do a Thankful Thursday post today.  As I type my almost 4 month old Little Fox is laughing/chattering from his swing next to me.  I can tell he is tired and could use a nap ;)  Sometimes he gets more talkative/finds things hilarious right before he needs to crash.  I'm kind of hoping he falls asleep happy rather than hitting an I am tired-to-tears first bit haha.

Little Fox laughing as I type.
So what am I thankful for?  Lately I've been counting several of my blessings.  My loving husband is one of them.  Mr. Fox always takes time out to talk to me (like when I've been trying to figure out my anxieties) and he takes time to care for our Little Fox.  Today we had a little time before he went to work at the library for an hour to snuggle and play with Little Fox.  Nova loves the couch too and is in the pic as well.
Warm weather!  Today was super windy but it was still decently comfortable outside.  I dressed Little Fox up and out we went to do a bit of garden cleaning.  It's been such a blessing to be out in our yard.  Last year I was always too busy with work (and with pregnancy often felt too tired/somewhat sick) to want to do yard stuff.  It's been one of God's great blessings I can now stay home and take care of my son, our animals, and concentrate on making our house a real home the last few months.  When I was working last year I was often uptight and stressed because I always had TOO much unfinished business at home and not enough time to do it all.  The gardens were fairly unworked last year as a result and this year I am looking forward to tending them more. 
Little Fox in the yard.  He ended up preferring to be in his wrap as opposed to the stroller or the ground so work was a little more difficult but still was nice to be out!  He's sporting his sunglasses for the first time hehe.
When Mr. Fox came home we also got to take Strider to the tennis courts so he could run a little and chase balls.  I think he liked the exercise! 

"Oh boy oh boy oh boy!  I love balls!"
I'm also thankful God gifted me with creativity!  I've been TRYING to finish Little Fox's baby quilt for months and I'm hoping to have the top done very soon.  A bit more sewing on edges then I'll be ready for some edging!  Here's an in-progress picture:

This is an original design by me!  My mother-in-law is teaching me how and I'm grateful for that--also grateful that Wunderunder exists!  Not sure I'd be able to do a design like this otherwise! 

I am also thankful for YOU dear friends!  Thank you for taking the time to read my very sporadic posts.  I keep trying to blog more regularly but still struggle in that department.  My husband is suggesting I try to pick a certain day of the week like Thursday to do this.  I'd like to try.  A LOT has been happening this past month I'd love to share, from visiting family to hosting my first Pinterest party, to sharing pics of my first Niece!  Thanks for all your patience--I know I'm not the best at this by far but I'd like to get more regular with posts :)