Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day! *and explaining the symbolism part 2

Just wanted to wish all the moms out there especially my very own and my future mother-in-law a Happy Mothers Day! It was great over here--we had not one but TWO bonfires! Mom loved it. And the weather was *mostly* nice! I worked in the floral department today too and was kinda shocked when I got there--almost all our flowers were wiped out! I wouldn't have been so surprised had we not had boxes and boxes of them yesterday--so many I wasn't sure we'd be able to sell them all! AND our manager went and go three more loads of flowers! I spent most of my shift washing out empty buckets and trying to make what we did have left of the flowers looking nice and as "full" as I possibly could.

Wanted to finish explaining the "beaver baptism" commission picture as I wasn't able to get to that the other day ago. I got to go to a dance and it was amazing--it's been a while since I went and I learned the basic foxtrot--something I've been wanting to learn for a few years!

So back to the picture--if you haven't seen it, is is the last image in my last post. A beaver baptizing a loon for a friend who is a girls' Confirmation Sponsor. The girl isn't just having her Confirmation though--this Easter season she's entering the Catholic Church! So she also was having her baptism (hence the beaver priest baptizing) her First Holy Communion (so I put a "stained glass" Jesus window depicting that in the top, and the Confirmation--symbolized by the Holy Spirit descending upon her. I also put Jesus' mother in the window to the right--she loves us so much and helps lead us to her Son. Something that might hit as a bit odd in the picture is how though this is inside the Church, it has grass and a stream. The stream under the Baptism font represents new life in Christ. Essentially that is also why the ground is clothed in new spring grass (and the Easter season is about newness in Jesus) and the lilies can represent two things--growth and how, after being baptized and washed of her original sin and other sins, the new Catholic's soul is so pure and clean! That's all I got for that but it IS fun to do symbolic pieces I find :)

One last thing that is kinda "newsy" is for the last three years I've been working with NET Ministries ( on the first Saturday of the month at something called LIFELINE. It is a Mass and talk after that for youth (mostly around highschool age). We have people come all throughout the state and even occasionally from elsewhere (we had Canadians yesterday--they drove all the way here for that!) I have been working for a real volunteer TV company the past three years to film it so we can put it on local TV on Sunday. Well, yesterday was my last one. Probably ever, since when I get married, I'll be moving from here. It was bittersweet--a little hard. I got engaged at the NET Center, have really enjoyed working there and meeting people on occasion. Last year especially, I had made friends with a number of the enthusiastic youth. So it was a little hard to say good-bye. Nevertheless, Jesus will be calling me to work for Him elsewhere and as a friend of mine said "at least it won't be the last time you'll be praising God!" so that was comforting!


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