Friday, March 9, 2012

My Bunny Swap!

Hi again everyone!  I'm going to have a brief show-and-tell session this evening!  I finally got pics of the bunny swap that Sandi from The Primitive Skate made for me and boy, are they lovely!  I am not going to lie, I squealed in delight as I opened each parcel in her package--my husband and mother-in-law can attest to that!
Look at all she gave me--she spoiled me so much with all her lovely crafts!

 I love the bunnies--they look absolutely adorable together--I love the contrast of the two of them too!  <3
 She made a GENIUS!  bundle of carrots from a rough-woven fabric and had them tied together--so cute!  I love bunnies in general and stuff that has to do with them so these ideas were so awesome!  She also gave me sweet smelling tarts, a cute notebook, and a couple cinnamony goodness pantry cakes--one of them is a bunny shape! 
Oh Sandi--thank you oh so much!  And a big thanks to my mother-in-law at Ravenwood Whimzies for holding the bunny swap!  I had so much fun! 

Here is a pic of the bunny I made Sandi in return:  it was the first time I did a project quite like this and it was a blast to do!  I plan to make a few more hehe.

I took a picture of her with my real bunny, Pipkin to show size comparison! 

That is all for tonight--I have a hopefully BIG day tomorrow with more NEWS to share soon! :D

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hi Friends!  I just got my Bunny Swap today from Sandi at The Primitive Skate! She spoiled me so much with her part of the swap and I squealed with delight as I opened each part of her special package!  I haven't had a chance to take photos yet it's been such a crazy day but I will get up some pics very soon to show you all!  THANK YOU SANDI!  I love everything! :)