Friday, September 16, 2011

A Success!

Hi my friends!  Much has happened this past week including a success the Lord blessed me with I want to share about!

Saturday was a nearby small town's Fall Festival (the town church was the main force behind the event) and I was invited by a friend to have a table there as well.  I was hesitant at first--I know you can't judge all shows on the success or failure of another one, but the neighboring town is even smaller than ours I think, so I wasn't sure about spending the $20 for a table if it'd just be wasted.  Nevertheless my husband Mr. Fox suggested I give it a shot anyways and I am so glad I did!  The location was a much better one for this second show of mine--all the artists and events in general were in the same church lawn.  Like in Olde Home Days, my husband shared the space with me to promote his weather site,  It was slow at first but then a lady pushing a cat in his "chariot" came by (she was promoting a March for Animals to help the SPCA) and she asked me to paint her cat Arnie!  The lady's friend also is having me do three commissions for her and I had two little girls to draw pictures for (they squealed in delight!) and our friend and his girlfriend.  It was so much fun and I came out $55 ahead! :)  I dropped my prices because the town is so small which might have helped but I think the location was good too.  Here are some pics:
A friend and his girlfriend wanted me to draw them..
As Goldfish!

Arnie kept moving so they let me borrow his pic on a pin.
Drawing Arnie.. FYI that prim shelf in the background is still for sale--$30!
Arnie the Cat-Who-Travels
Tuesday I took our doggie who is now named Strider after Aragorn in Lord of the Rings to the vet.  The poor guy has some rash-like itchy stuff on his tummy and his ears are all red and one of them is even kind of puffy--they think he may have allergies :(  We were told to give him people-Benedryll and wash his tummy with a special bacteria-killing solution and we were given drops for his ears too.  I hope it heals up soon. 

Strider is a good dog--most of the time.  I discovered he understands "sit" and today I was starting to train him "down" (to lay down).  We are starting to work on "come" as well but that one is more difficult.  Something I'm also hoping to curb is his barking.  He doesn't usually bark unless he hears people he wants action with or when he is alone--but I just started work Wednesday (working at a brand-new grocery store) and I would prefer to let him stay outside where he can exercise more on his dog-line than keep him in is crate.  Any suggestions??  I'm trying to discourage him by spritzing him with a little bit of water and saying "no. Quiet" but it doesn't' work as well when I walk out of the area.

As I mentioned before I am now working too!  Praise the Lord!  It's part time at a grocery store doing cashier work and I'm working getting used to it there.  It's a nice little place and it's nice to be employed again but at the same time I have less time to do things like cleaning and all the other million things haha. 

Also last week I made a sweet homemade stew!  We froze most of it for another day but it's very good :)

One last thing--I don't think I've mentioned it before but I now own my own domain name! My husband made the page for me and it links to my new Etsy site too!  I will be adding new items very shortly and can do custom commissions of your choice as well.  Strider JUST broke his collar and I was suggested to get a special one by my mom-in-law from but it's quite pricy.  Would anyone be interested in a commission or something like a sign or shelf?  Let me know!  Until next time, Blessings from God! :)


  1. I LOVE the business cards and including photos of the pics the animals are drawn from is a great idea :)

  2. Congrats on a successful show!! Woo Hoo! May it only be sunnier skies from here on out...Your stew looks delish - and sorry, no advice re the barking. We have a 2 yr old Siberian - he rarely if ever barks - except at 7 pm - then he starts "singing" for his chew and won't shut up until he gets one no matter what we do or say. Woe be the day we run out....Good luck! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin