Sunday, June 12, 2011


Cute Little Peep from Carol!

I wanted to thank Carol from Buttermilk Creek Farm from the bottom of my heart for winning her giveaway!  I am very very excited--Little Peep is so cute and will so so amazing sitting up in the house!  THANK YOU SO MUCH! :) 

I also wanted to post a bit of a longer one tonight.   A few exciting things went on this weekend!  Yesterday two of my younger siblings got Confirmed and I was my sister's sponsor!  Very excited they received the Holy Spirit in full with all His gifts!  Today another sister graduated so that is very exciting too.  Each day we ate cake!  And had a lot of family time which is special especially since once I get married I will move out of my state and probably see them only about once a year. 

Remember that painting I showed a bit ago for my mom?  Well I unfortunately didn't quite think it would be SO HARD to photograph when it was in the frame!  However I do have some decent pictures all things considering so I want to show you!

Mister Doggie wanted to be in this picture!  Here is the image (with painters tape holding the painting on the cardboard) and the mat and the frame before being put together.

Here it is outside.  It was super hard finding a place without a glare of some sort.

Closer up pic.  I wish it was flatter though--the image is at a slight angle and looks slightly distorted.
I got the frame with the mat for $4.99 at Goodwill!  It had another print in it originally, but I put watercolor paper over the original cardboard and did this painting.  It was done with acrylic, watercolor, and colored pencil.  Mostly watercolor for details.  The frame looks great--looks like it could be new and I know if I bought a frame from a craft store/frame store it would cost oodles more!  I got it because I liked the northwoodsy look and the mat color, and I asked mom what she wanted for a picture after I got it and worked from there.  Spent several hours on it but I am happy!

In other news, I am still getting ready for our big day!  When I came back a few weeks ago from visiting my fiance, the party favors were here and ready to be assembled!  I got these cute little mint tins.  I had to remove the mints from the bags and pour them in, and add the sticker to the top.  The little cute ribbons I got for 59 cents a pack at Michaels in a close-out sale.  They were meant to be put around bubble containers but I thought they'd be a cute addition to the tins to keep them closed!  (though when I got them I didn't know WHAT I'd use them for!)  I am pretty happy with the result!

I also got my dress back--wow.. was it two weeks ago now?  And last week figured out the music for the Mass.  We will have things such as Cannon in D, to Ave Maria, to Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, and Ode to Joy playing at some point!  Excited!

  I have also been working on a few more art pieces.  I need to finish up our cake topper, and have a few birthdays coming up which I've been making pictures for.  I also have a commission and an art-trade to do soon too.  LOTS TO DO!

I think that is all for now but I hope to get up pics of the flowers soon!  Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Congratulations on you win!!! I love the mint tins, they are so cute. Your painting is amazing, love, love it!! Mister Doggie is adorable!
    I knew you would like my fox post :) He was beautiful, the picture does not do him justice! Have a great week!

  2. I'm so glad you won Maria! I love the finished painting for your Mom. I'm sure she will treasure it. I know how busy things are, but try not to stress too much and just take one day at a time. Can't wait to come out for the wedding..I think I need to get busy on favors for the reception out here!
    I'm glad you got to see the post Jennifer made about the fox - I forgot to tell you. lol

    Hugs dear - see you soon!

  3. Thanks for your comments! Yeah I bet the fox is amazing, Jennifer! They have such an array of colors--it is beautiful! It's amazing they can climb trees!

    Yup! My mom looved the picture! She is saving it for when the house is done! Right now the stress isnt' TOO bad but we will see how the week goes haha! See you soon indeed!

  4. yippppeeee for you!! love your beautiful painting!
    Hugs Granny Trace

  5. Hey, congratulations on winning a piece of Carol's awesome art, and on your upcoming wedding:) You sound like my daughter when she was preparing for hers. Your painting is cute:)

  6. Basically, I love everything about this post, and you :) But I am espcially enamored of Mr. Doggie in this picture - he is sooooo cute!