Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Working on a Logo

Hi Friends!  I have a smallish update for the night.  For one I've been working STILL on setting the house up more, putting things in their new, hopefully permanent places.  It's still slow but it's going.

Today I finally was able to work on some more drawing projects that have been waiting in the queue for a while.  That was nice.  I've also been thinking--I have made logos for other people in the past, yet I don't yet have one of my own!  So I've been TRYING to come up with an idea for a new logo for me!  I want your input, please!  I'm thinking of a silhouette of a fox pouncing towards a bucket of art supplies surrounded by lattices covered in grapes or maybe a celtic design making the lattices.  But I'm not sure.  Here's a super rough draft of the idea--can I have your kind input?  Feel free to be critical, I can learn from that too :)
I have one other question as a new-timer being pregnant I want to do things right!  Do you have any tips for eating healthy?  I try for a start but think I can maybe do a bit better and would love tips!  Thanks so much! 


  1. Leaping. Foxes jump at their prey but this angle probably needs work.

  2. I'm thinking his back feet could be a bit closer to the make it look like he just started his leap..instead of being in mid-air, as Laurie pointed out....just a suggestion.

  3. Completely love the idea, but that was my initial thought too - the fox needs to be a wee bit more grounded....I'm no artist whatsoever, but if you were doing it for me, I'd want more of a "pounce" than an airborne guy.... And as for the eating - ahhh....I have and always have horrible eating habits - I tried to do better when I was pregnant, but was not always successful. I just tried to up my intake of fruits and veggies - obviously laid off the caffeine and fast foods, etc. In many ways, your body will tell you what you need - I found I actually craved healthier foods and certain foods just turned my stomach.....Good luck! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. I agree with the others that the fox should be more grounded but I love the concept.As far as healthy eating ,I say strive for fresh and less processed foods.Have a great day!Hugs,Jen