Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Fun Day!

Today was a fun day--though now I am quite tired after it all!  This morning Baby Fox and I went over to my mother-in-law's house to make some applesauce!  It was so much fun spending the day with her and we ended up making lots!  This was my FIRST experience making it!
(please pardon the quality of the pics I only had my cell phone on me today!) First I brought over my canning equipment (some of which I found at the local thrift store!) and a great amount of my bushel of apples Mr. Fox and I got at the farm market the other week ago.  Don't they look tasty?  They are many varieties.
And we cooked them.. And cooked them.. And cooked them.  The first batch took forever as we learned a tall but skinnier pot wasn't as convenient as just using a canning pot to cook them in.  We did that with the second batch.  We also added apples as I cooked to make the most out of this batch.
Getting closer and closer now!  I am so excited about all this!  We added a touch of nutmeg and some cinnamon and sugar to make it taste sweeter!  While we worked we talked about making baby food with a food mill.  Funnily enough I had already been thinking of making my own baby food when he/she comes as I found a book at a goodwill months ago on making baby food from scratch.  Here's a LINK if you want to see.  Not sure if that will really pan out of course but the idea of making some from scratch seems a healthier and cheaper idea to me thusfar. 
In the end, I had nine quarts full of yummy applesauce to bring home for my husband and I to eat through this upcoming winter!  We made several more jars for my new mom and dad to enjoy too. 

Have a good day and blessings to you all! :)


  1. That applesauce looks yummy. Bet the house smelled wonderful too. Glad you had a great day and exciting conversation.

  2. I had a lovely day with you dear - it is so nice to share these things with you! Looking forward to many more times! See you on Sunday for the corn maze! Hugs

  3. Your sauce looks wonderful....Something so very satisfying about having things "put up" and knowing you did it....Glad you enjoyed your day and got some more bonding in.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. When my boys were babies, I made their baby food. It was easy to do. After cooking veggies, puree them and then fill plastic ice cube trays with the puree. Once frozen, pop them out into a plastic ziplock bag & keep them in freezer. Each cube is 1 oz. Applesauce was a staple. When they got older, I used a food grinder instead of pureeing. Defrost and heat cubes in microwave.
    Enjoy, Ellie