Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Mysterious Tipi

Hello my friends!  Today I wanted to share with you about an exciting outing my husband and I had!  Over the last couple months every Sunday we've been off somewhere--celebrating birthdays, hanging out with family and having fun but I had also been desiring for a Sunday here we can spend here at our home.  With my new full-time job sometimes it doesn't feel like I'm home very much anymore (probably doesn't help that when I'm done with work it's nice and dark) and Saturdays lately have been so busy at our home they haven't been too much of a vacation either.  So today was a blessed day of rest at home!  Deer season has just ended out here and we have a large woods that begins in our back yard (most of it isn't ours by a long shot but we can go into it) and we've been waiting for hunting time to be over so the woods would be safe to wander again.  Today we went on an almost four hour walk in them!  The weather was glorious and it was so much fun!  We picniced on a log and ate cheese meat and crackers and some of my own homemade beef jerky I made with my dehydrator--a gift from my mom-in-law!  On the way back from our walk we came to a bunch of pine-trees and this time we discovered something we definitely didn't see before: it was a very well made tipi and "camp" area.  What was really cool was you could stand up inside with no difficulty and it seems the structure was held together in part by vines woven throughout the logs to hold it in place!  Definitely a mystery--I don't think small boys made this there were beer cans throughout the "camp" and it was made with much skill!  When we came back we sat in the hot tub some and this evening we watched the second episode of Start Wars while we ate dinner.  I haven't ever seen them all (only the first original movie) so I've been wanting to know the whole plot line so we are working through all of them.  I keep trying to guess what's going to happen next!

That's all for tonight more soon!  I want to post latest projects sometime!  I do have a prayer request though.  The next three days I will be going to the doctor--I have a surgery (minor) on Wednesday and I ask you to please pray that it goes well!  Doctors and health-related things tend to make me a bit anxious and so I really want this to go smoothly!  Thanks so much!
Meadow on the edge of some of the woods. 

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  1. I hope your surgery goes well. I think that , unfortunately, that structure is made for someone to hide in while waiting for innocent deer to come around.

    Have a nice day,