Monday, July 25, 2011

A Wedding to Remember!

Hello blog friends!  Life caught up with me a bit and I was unable to blog as soon as I had hoped... but I think you can forgive me for this time.  Like I said in my very short last post--I got married!  And happily married and blessed I am!  My husband and I have been settling in our new home, the home my hubby grew up in.  We are buying it from his parents as they found the perfect old house for them in the country!  For me though, who lived close to St. Paul in the big suburb, this is very country for me though and I LOVE IT!  I am close to farms and open fields and there is a forest connected to our back yard--God has SO blessed us and I can't be thankful enough!  And a mere 6 days after moving here He has blessed me with a JOB offer!  There is a new grocery store that will be opening probably in September and as I have worked in a grocery store for years and because the good Lord chose to give me a job sounds like that is where I will work! (I do have a different interview tomorrow that I still will go to just in case though).  I won't start for a few weeks but that will allow me to help my "new parents" move when they get to in a week.  Today, I made my first blueberry jam from berries we picked Sunday.  I am also starting to work on more art and will be having a giveaway soon.  But that is enough jabber for now--now for pictures!

Today I made jam from fresh blueberries my husband and I picked Sunday!   

10 Jars Full!  Lovin' the Country Life!
My husband and I saying our vows to one another before God and the assembly.
Wedding party!
My immediate family.  I'm the oldest of 8!
Me with my new extended family!
The dress from behind.. it was a God-find--$100 new at a garage sale!
Over the next several days I'll try to get up pictures from the honeymoon --Colorado is such a beautiful place!  God bless you all and have a great day!


  1. God has certainly blessed US with such a wonderful new daughter!

  2. Wonderful pics and congrats on your wedding.Your gown was amazing!
    Your jam looks like it turned out beautifully too.Hugs,Jen

  3. Congrats friend! You look beautiful! How wonderful for you. Welcome back.
    And your jam looks yummmmo!
    Hugs Granny Trace