Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Updates on Life!

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Dead again? I know. I keep telling myself I'm really going to get into this blogging thing, and I think I will eventually, but for now I guess I'm going to remain kind of sporadic. I will tell you some updates though! :)

First of all the above picture is just one of the many pieces I've created over the past several months. Many have been gifts for Christmas or Birthdays. This one was a birthday picture done in Prismacolor Markers (with a finepoint sharpie outline--sharpie's have become a good friend to me as the alcohol in the markers doesn't make them bleed like other mediums!) I also just this past week finished a large acrylic painting of a cat--a commission for a fellow co-worker and friend. I hope to put up a picture of that sometime too. It's exciting to be done with him--it was a fun but challenging piece that was pretty large but took quite a while!

I have only a few more weeks left of my two art classes I am taking. One is quick-oil studies and the other how to draw Renaissance style. They are 8 weeks long and I am thinking of going farther in the Renaissance class one more time...

One more time that is until I get married! I can't wait! It is nearly only 4 months left to go! It's been a nice but long engagement (a year and a half so far) and my man is halfway across the country and we don't get to see one another too often in person so you can see why I am especially looking forward to it. :)

Something else that's been going on is I have just applied (and have been accepted) to be an Inker (kind of like a clean up artist) for an indy film that's been in progress the past few years called "Wolf". www.wolfmovie.com Essentially what I will be responsible for is taking animator's work and going over the drawings with a clean, crisp digital line. (hence inking). That way it'll be ready for the next person--the person who will add color. My hopes and aspirations for that is in doing my inking work, I'll begin to have more practice in animation again (it's been years since I last did a good amount of it and I was never overly impressive) and I'll learn to draw the characters accurately and speedily. I'm pretty excited about this!

I think that's all for now! Sorry for being so boring as of the um.. past few months, folks. I do appreciate your feedback and the fact that you are watching my blog though! God bless you today and always!

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